Clean Water Works INC., Canada’s Largest Sewer Inspection And Rehabilitation Company, Partners With Market Square Equity Partners To Accelerate Growth

Posted on October 13, 2017, in News Release

TORONTO, June 15, 2016 – Market Square Equity Partners (“MSEP”) has invested in Clean Water Works Inc. (“CWW”), Canada’s largest sewer inspection and rehabilitation firm, as part of MSEP’s growing portfolio of companies servicing underground utilities.

CWW, with locations in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, is one of the most respected sewer inspection and rehabilitation companies in Canada. Established in 2005, CWW is the market leader in sewer inspection, rehabilitation, plumbing services, and environmental services. “CWW is a perfect fit with the existing platform at MSEP and I’m excited about the possibilities for the business and overall platform”, said John Brule, founder of CWW.

CWW is the third underground infrastructure services company in MSEP’s portfolio. “CWW was a terrific opportunity for MSEP and a relationship that we developed directly with the owner. We believe that CWW’s unique skillset and scale provides it with a significant competitive advantage in the industry” said Derrick Ho, Managing Partner at MSEP. “We are proud to have John Brule partner with Market Square, and we are very excited about the growth opportunities in the industry” added Matt Hall, Managing Partner at MSEP.

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