Market Square Equity Partners (“MSEP”) is a Toronto based private equity firm focused on buyouts in the Canadian lower middle market. Unlike other firms that have a generalist, high level investment strategy, we are industry focused and very active in the businesses that we acquire. Our investment team has over 70 combined years of private equity and venture capital investment experience across over 100 transactions.

We invest in Canadian lower middle market platform businesses within researched industries, with visibility to strong free cash flows, and opportunities for follow-on acquisitions. We look for opportunities to assist owner-operators in their succession planning, opportunities to professionalize management teams and processes, and businesses that have strong barriers to entry.

MSEP’s investments are made in industries following extensive research. At present, our current focus is on infrastructure services, with a view that the current deficits in spending will drive current and future demand for repairs and maintenance of existing and new infrastructure. Moreover, we believe that this sector has recession resistant qualities and that returns generated from this segment are more attractive than those generated by direct, capital intensive infrastructure investments.

  • Industry Focused

    We invest in industries that we believe are well positioned for strong growth and have limited professional investors. Following extensive research, our current area of focus is in infrastructure services.

    Value Added Investing

    We are not day-to-day operators but we are active and involved with our investment portfolio companies, bringing strategic and financial value to complement existing management teams.

    Succession Focused

    We help owner-operators form and execute succession plans. Each plan is customized depending on the needs and wants of owner-operators.